Exile Road Guide Map

The Chusa’s Exile Road integrates the story of Chusa Kim, Jeong-hui’s exile life into its tracking course. The road comprises three parts: the forst course is “The Road of Tenacity,” an 8km and three hour-long path starting from Chusagwan, then to Jeong Nan-ju Maria tomb and Dajeonghyanggyo, and back to Chusagwan; the second one is “The Rod of Relationship,” an 8km and three hour-long path from Chusa’s exile place to Osulloc’s green tea filed. On this path, visitors can experience Chusa’s letter, poem, and tea as well as Jeju’s earthenware at the Jeju Pottery Museum; and third road is “The Road of Meditation,” a 10km and four-hour long path starting from Daejeonghyanggyo to Sanbangsan Mt., and to Andeok Valley. On this path, visitors can appreciate the beauty of sea, Oreum, and valley of Jeju.