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Terroir Story by OSULLOC

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Jeju is a true treasure trove of ecosystem being home to 2,100 species of plant resources with enormous vitality. Tea leaves from Jeju have unique quality thanks to the ecological characteristics of Jeju as a volcanic zone. Different geological characteristics of each of three tea fields by OSULLOC produce tea leaves that are slightly different, all of which OSULLOC blends to create teas with the best color, aroma, and taste.

Beautiful color from Seogwang tea field

Seogwang tea field near Sanbangsan Mt. benefits from natural shade created by cloud and mist near Hallasan Mt., which enhances the color of tea leaves. Warm temperature and natural shade are the key to growing premium teas. Seogwang-ri used to be a barren land mostly with rocks and stones in the past, but OSULLOC, starting in 1983, breathed new life into the land making it the largest tea field in Korea.

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Rich aroma from Dolsongi tea field

Dolsongi tea field earned its name because there used be many stones and pebbles that came from big volcanic rocks. This tea field epitomizes OSULLOC’s determination and devotion that transformed barren land into a beautiful tea field. It is adjacent to both mountain and sea water, from where mountain breeze containing the remaining snow at Hallasan Mt. together with salty sea wind comes every April, enhancing the aroma of teas.

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Great taste from Hannam tea field

Hannam tea field used to be called ‘Haedeuribat’ meaning a place where the Sun rises earliest in the town. With good sunshine and warm breeze, the area provides nice environment for both human and Mother Nature to grow up. A lot of effort and investment for organic farming and efficiency have been put into Hannam tea field to grow premium teas. Tea trees there are young containing high levels of amino acid content which enhances the taste of teas.

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