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Brand Story

OSULLOC Tea from Jeju since 1979


Beautiful devotion

“Every country around the world boasts its own unique tea, which, unfortunately, is not the case with Korea. It’s my earnest desire to reinvigorate the traditional Korean tea culture no matter what it costs.”

the late Seo Seong-hwan, founder of AmorePacific

The late Jangwon Seo Seong-hwan, the founder of AmorePacific was extremely regrettable that the Korean tea tradition, at some point, became no longer able to be found after its one thousand years of history. His determination to reinvigorate the Korea’s unique tea culture started the beautiful devotion of OSULLOC.

Relationship with Jeju

Jeju island as an optimum tea field with an average annual temperature over 14℃, slightly acid soil of pH4.0~5.0, and the hot and humid climate with annual precipitation of more than 1,600mm
So started the relationship between OSULLOC and Jeju.

it was barren land with only stones and wind.
Three remotest areas abandoned even by local residents were cultivated for 45 years under full understanding of the natural environment in Jeju as well as with perseverance to make it green. As a result, Jeju was reborn as a world’s best tea field where premium green tea is growing with passion and devotion, and now wins world’s prestigious tea contests every year. It is a place where you can find the beautiful devotion of OSULLOC trying to spread the Korean tea culture.


Premium tea created by natural environment and human devotion

OSULLOC, the biggest national tea brand and also globally renowned, integrates all tea-related processes that encompass producing, harvesting and selling of tea. OSULLOC makes enormous efforts in harvesting the best green tea leaves through technological farming method that benefits both Mother Nature and human.
It is OSULLOC’s philosophy to incorporate modern technology into traditional tea-making know-how, upholding the tradition while accepting a new trend in order to create the best tea.

Organic farming surrounded by the natural environment of Jeju

Organic farming by OSULLOC does not just leave green tea leaves in the wild. It incorporates the advanced organic farming method, which integrates R&D technology of OSULLOC to produce tea that is safe, and whose quality and reliability is globally recognized. Since 2010, OSULLOC tea field only produces tea leaves that earn organic farming certification marks not only locally but also internationally from U.S. and Europe among others.
Organic farming certification mark

Fermented by the natural environment of Jeju

OSULLOC completed its unique signature fermentation method that combines Korea’s traditional science for fermentation with the natural environment and the spirit of Jeju. We make healthy premium fermented tea with extracts from Korean traditional fermented pastes, and aged in the natural environment of Jeju, deepening the taste and aroma of tea.


Beauty of life offered
by tea and Jeju Island

In a busy life where every minute and second counts, there are moments when a good cup of tea means everything. Sharing that moment with good people makes our life even more beautiful.

OSULLOC presents Tea Stone and Tea Museum where the green tea field and the depth of tea culture can be felt, as well as Tea House in urban environment with the best tea that embodies the natural environment and the spirit of Jeju. It is our hope to provide people with valuable time in which people can form warm relationships and have more taste in their lives while cultivating their mind in the midst of their busy life in today’s society.

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